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 Chef Avner Guzman


About 12 years ago, Venezuelan native Chef Avner Guzman embarked on his journey in the culinary arts, initially self-taught by navigating his own way through the kitchen as a carver chef Toby Carvery in the UK, sharpening his skills with hard work pure determination. With his raw talent and self-learned skills he moved to Paris in 2009 to study in—and graduate from—the prestigious and world renowned culinary institution Le Cordon Bleu.

Chef Guzman made a name for himself in the gourmet kosher world, working nearly 4 years alongside Chef Yoni Saada of OSMOSE (Paris 16), where he developed his specific gastronomic style which uses traditional French techniques while mixing flavors from all over the world, mixed with his own new innovative cooking techniques, then working in KAVOD (Paris 8) where he learned everything about how to cook French bistro style, and finally moving to L’ATELIER DELI as head chef, one of the best kosher establishments in the Parisian suburbs.

Holding true to his South American roots, he infuses the flavors and unique ingredients from his native homeland into his food, creating a symposium of Franco-European/Latin gourmet food. This unique style makes Chef Guzman in high demand, being requested to cook for charity dinners, expositions, galas, as well as private dinners for the Jewish holidays of Passover and Sukkot, where he has been flown to New York, Mexico, Italy, and Israel. He is also one of the main consultants for a new gourmet restaurant soon to open in Paris.

I propose new culinary experiences through the discovery of flavors, textures and combinations by using both traditional and avant-garde cooking techniques, offering a show based on my professional career, personality and own spiritual search

Chef Avner

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Services available in Paris, New York and Jerusalem