Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kosher Experiences about?

Kosher Experiences is a luxurious Kosher gastronomic service concept which allows clients to hire our Chef for a private event. We offer a new culinary alternative, allowing clients to enjoy a customized gastronomic experience provided by Chef Avner, in the comfort of their home.

How does Kosher Experiences work?

Kosher Experiences allows its exclusive clients to reserve an on-demand chef service in Paris, New York or Jerusalem. The client makes a request providing the event details and our staff sends the customized menu suggestions. Once the diner makes the reservation, a 50% of the total amount is charged in advance plus the price of the plane ticket, travel expenses and accommodation costs in the city where the event is taking place (Remember for now we are only traveling to Paris, New York or Jerusalem). Then, contact information is exchanged with the client and finally, on the next day of service, the client is charged the remaining 50% of the total amount.

Why to reserve an on-demand chef service?

Dinner with friends, a romantic evening, a family gathering or a special occasion shall be lived as a memorable experience. By hiring a on-demand chef service, you will enjoy a luxury haute cuisine in the comfort of your home. Customize your menu and the Chef will handle the cooking, serving and cleaning while you enjoy the restaurant experience at home.

What do the Kosher Experiences’ services include?

Designing of the menu.

Sending of grocery list.

Optionally: if additionally requested by the client, the grocery shopping service can be hired. 

Estimation of required additional kitchen staff.

Preparation of dishes at the diner’s home (it is possible to set the mise en place for menus that require long preparation).

Serving table service.

Any additional services (drinks, extra waiter, dishware) will be invoiced separately. The diners shall decide between paying the extra kitchen staff directly or asking our team to do it

How can I hire Kosher Experiences’ services?

At the homepage of the website, click the start button and customize the details of the event -date, address, preferences, allergies, etc-. Once your request has been registered, we will contact you to define the various menu suggestions. You can request changes or new suggestions directly through instant messaging and reserve once you have made a decision on the menu suggestions. Finally, once you have formalized the reservation, last details can be arranged.

Can I contact the Chef before making a reservation?

Of course. If you have any inquiry about the dishes, their preparation time, arrival time, needed utensils, contact us through email

What if the Chef cancels the service?

Do not worry! We will refund your money and will help you find another date and service on similar conditions to those previously agreed. For more information, check the cancellation policy at the end of this page.

How do opinions work?

The clients opinions are a fundamental aspect of Kosher Experiences as they allow us to obtain objective information about the Chef directly from the diners and they also help us improve our services. On the next day of the event, the diner will receive a review form that will allow him to give feedback and tell us about his experience during the service.

Does the Kosher Experiences’ service include drinks?

As we know wine pairing is always very personal, our Chef proposals do not include drinks. However, our Chef will always recommend a wine pairing that matches the suggested menu. In case you want to include the recommended wine, you can ask the Chef directly and it will be included in the final proposal.

Does Kosher Experiences offer a kid’s menu?

We offer two options for kids: a reduced version of the adults menu for 50% of its price or a simpler customized menu according to the kids’ preferences, in which case the price will depend on the proposal (not over 50% of the adults menu’s price). For this purpose, any diner between the ages of 5 and 12 will be considered kids.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of diners?

When you request the menu, you get to pick between various ranges: dinner for 2, small sized group (3 to 6 persons), medium sized group (7 to 12 persons) and large sized group (13 to 20 persons). Before making a reservation you do not have to decide the exact number of diners, you can pick an approximate range. Once you have picked the menu and make a reservation, you will have to give out the final diners’ number.


All cancellations shall be sent in writing both to the affected party (through Kosher Experiences’ instant messaging and email) and to Kosher Experiences to

Cancellation Policy for diners.

When the diner cancels a reservation, he can apply for a coupon with no expiration date to make another reservation for the following amount:


  • If canceled up to 30 days before the reservation date: the total amount of the reservation will be refunded*;
  • If canceled from 7 to 30 days before the reservation date: 50% of the amount will be refunded*;
  • If canceled less than 7 days before the reservation date: there will be no refunds*;


Refunds can take between 3 and 5 working days to process after cancelation. Please do not hesitate to contact us through email to: