Kosher Experiences is made up by
Chef Avner Guzman and his wife, Rivka Guzman

whom have specialized in bringing from the first moment, a unique experience to his clients.

Because an anniversary, wedding, engagement, Bar Mitzvah, Rosh Hoshanah, Pesach or Chanukah meal shall be a special moment around the table.

In Kosher Experiences we have developed a client-centered service and we want you to enjoy an experience of luxury, exquisite flavors, stunning menus and the best customer service with solid human qualities.

Once you contact us to hire our services, we will listen to you carefully and find out what you dream for your special evening.

Based on that, our Chef will develop a unique proposal which follows the law of kashrut, uses avant-garde French cooking techniques, flavors from the best European products and touches of fusion cuisine.

Once Chef Avner arrives, he, along with his kitchen staff will season the dinner with a unique show, filled with taste and fun.

The whole process is guaranteed by the chef’s knowledge on the most strict rules and the halacha of kashrut.

We want to go further and leave a legacy that can help those in need.

For this reason, KE works, among others, with foundations that support disabled persons, children, women, education centers and people in vulnerable situations.